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"We cannot solve today's problems with the same thinking we used to create them."

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Business Breakfast Round-Table


A matter of culture - and circumstance


"But our people do not want to make decisions. Our people are not engaged/motivated.
Our people do not want to take responsibility"

Recently we heard these statements from a CEO in a round-table discussion, again.

This is not the first time we have heard these sentiments, as a matter of fact we’ve heard these so
often that we thought it may be appropriate to talk about it in general.


The background is that these leaders responded to change proposals with that sentiment in
order to reply, sure, what you propose is all fine & dandy, but we have the wrong people
(- to strive for real sustainable high performance)


What is wrong with this picture? Does a large number of organizations really have the ‘wrong people’ to strive for high performance or is something else at play? Well, we know, it even sounds like a loaded question.


Let’s have a look at this.


Organizations are systems (Old hat.) But that means they behave like systems and succumb to laws of system dynamics.
What determines behavior in systems? Correct, structure.
What is the outward representation of structure in social systems? Correct again, culture.


And there we have it.


The sentiments expressed above are no doubt genuine and without doubt will have been expressed by the people themselves upon being questioned by their management. But the reasons behind are not that the organization has the ‘wrong’ people but that the organization has the ‘wrong’ culture: it has a culture that does not allow for, or at least discourages, decision making below Senior Management, and uses the guises of responsibility and accountability to distribute blame not learning.


So, in this Business Round-Table we hope to ascend to the challenge of providing an outline or basic framework for a culture that is more supportive of a sustainable high performance environment and an approach for culture transformation that offers more effective and sustainable results than the traditional approach, but as all our Business Breakfasts, this is not a training course, this is a peer discussion to address some of the issues caused by current 'management wisdom' and 'politically correct' thinking.


We hope we will be able to welcome you at this important and pertinent event, but for us to do this, please register